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Selection is very important to the color of cabinet door, which directly affects the experience of occupancy.


Speaking of kitchen decoration, we may have more or less not well designed "details", but the importance of kitchen decoration need not be questioned! As a highly frequent and error-prone part of indoor use, the owners of the house will be particularly careful in the process of decorating the kitchen. But carefully, lack of experience in the first decoration, mistakes are inevitable, such as the choice of cabinet color is easily overlooked "details". Here the small residence should tell you that the color of the cabinet door seems insignificant, but the appropriate color matching is very important, which directly affects the experience of staying. Based on this, here is to share carefully for you, cabinet door color selection skills!

Skills 1. Distinguishing between warm and cold colors

The first feasible skill in selecting cabinets is to choose according to the difference between warm and cold colors. The warm colors commonly used in daily life are light yellow, light pink, light purple and so on, while the common cold colors are blue, black, white and so on. When decorating cabinet doors, choose warm or cold colors according to personal preferences. Warm colors show warm but cold colors look brighter.

Skills 2. Choice according to decoration style

Really entangled how to choose cold or warm color, according to the decoration style to choose is also the practice most owners will adopt! There are many advantages of choosing the color of cabinet door according to decoration style. First, it can be matched with the overall indoor style, which looks more holistic. In addition, it can weaken the abrupt sense of kitchen cabinet design and make the effect more natural. For example, simple style with white, black, light grey. European style with light gold, Chinese style with red and so on.

Skills 3. Same color with wall or floor tiles

If you want the kitchen to be more integrated, it's good to choose the same color as wall tiles or floor tiles. For example, the walls and floors are all light-colored tiles, the same cabinet color also choose light-colored. The advantage of this design is that it can improve the overall unified effect! At the same time, it can also play a decorative effect that corresponds to the tile on the wall and floor.

Skills 4. Choosing a variety of colors

Of course, if you think you have to consider so many cabinet color matching is too entangled, do not want to be too troublesome! Then when decorating, choose some "Baitao" cabinet door color, such as white, can be matched with various colors, it also looks more bright, but white is not clean and dirty. If you want good dirty resistance, you can also choose dark gray cabinets, high-grade texture, clean and convenient.