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A good cabinet is packed in accordance with these steps, none of which can be spared.


A good cabinet, are installed in accordance with these steps, one can not be less, in the decoration, we all know that the kitchen function area is the most test decoration master's technology is old-fashioned, after all, for the customization of cabinets, still need some skills to support, otherwise it will appear like this or that. Quality problems lead to a very unpleasant home life. So today, let's take a look at the renovation of kitchen cabinets. We need to pay attention to some problems. I hope it can help you.

Kitchen decoration is often the decoration of cabinets, but for the selection of cabinet materials, whether to choose the decoration of the whole board or the decoration of marble and ceramic tile, in fact, this is not a problem that needs to be tangled, the kitchen itself is always in hot water, so when choosing the relevant settings, of course, is the choice. The latter will be more practical and of better quality.

The installation of tiles and marble is actually the strongest, so before choosing the decoration of floor tiles, we should make a good blueprint, that is, the simulation of design drawings. In this way, it is like a ship at sea only has a lighthouse, has some clear objectives, and then it can proceed more smoothly. Go. The most important thing is, whether tile or brick, can be used locally when decorating, so that the cost of decoration can also be saved.

Many times, after installing the foot of the cabinet, we can see the general shape of the cabinet. Then we can install the cabinet body and the partition. These are relatively simple steps, so Xiaobian will not say much here. For the material selection of the cabinet counter, we need to use very strong marble for installation. After all, when chopping meat and cutting vegetables, it is easy to cause damage without the support of hard material such as marble.